The following are the rules of the Fish Hoek Squash club, any incidents should be reported to the committee or staff (preferably via email) within 5 days of the incident taking place, after which a disciplinary enquiry will take place.

Dress code

  • Players must at all times wear acceptable squash apparel when using the courts.
  • Players will only be allowed onto courts if they are wearing squash or court shoes. Children are allowed to play barefoot.

General behaviour

  • Members and their guests should respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the game, regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background.
  • Players, members and guests should not use an audible obscenity or make obscene gestures within the court complex.
  • No person, at any time, shall physically abuse any official, opponent, spectator or other person within the club. Physical abuse is defined as the unauthorized touching of an official, opponent, spectator or other person.
  • All members should abide by instructions and rules as set out by committee from time to time. These instructions will either be communicated electronically, verbally provided or via notices as provided on noticeboard within club.
  • No illegal activities or any municipal by-law should be broken by any members.

Children and minors

  • Children should not be left unsupervised within the court complex.
  • Parents and guardians should ensure that requisite safety equipment is used when participating in activities at the courts.
  • Let the coach or support staff know if anyone else is picking your child up after a game or practice session.
  • Any suspicious activity should be brought to attention of coaching staff, officials or club committee immediately.

Playing and spectator responsibilities

  • Players shall play squash in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Players and spectators shall show due regard to authority of officials and the rights of opponents, spectators and others and shoud not verbally abuse any official, opponent, spectator or other person.
  • There shall be no undue disputing of any decision of a Marker or referee. The player shall not be rude, offensive or belligerent towards the Marker, Referee or opponent.
  • Marker or referees decisions are final.
  • Players shall show common courtesy towards their opponents eg passing the ball, opening the door, thanking for the match.
  • Players shall own up to returns which are not good eg second bounce, double hit and the ball touching the tin.
  • A player should not leave the court without the permission of referee or Marker. Additionally a player must complete a match in progress unless he/she is reasonably unable to do so.
  • Players shall not violently, dangerously or with anger, hit, kick or throw a squash ball, racquet or other equipment.

Use of facilities and bar

  • Everyone must treat facilities with respect and leave the facilities in a clean and orderly state.
  • The club is a non-smoking venue, please smoke outside.
  • The barman reserves the right to stop serving inebriated individuals.
  • Underaged persons shall not be allowed within bar area unless supervised by parents or guardian.
  • Water usage shall, where possible, be conserved.

Have any comments or suggestions? Please contact the committee