There has been lots of activity at the club recently, thank you to everyone who came out to support the players in the WP Open that was hosted recently.

Court repairs Court 3

The repairs to court 3 have almost been completed by the City of Cape Town. The club thanks the City for all their support in helping us getting the court into playing condition.
The final hand over is still in progress, with a snag list being worked on. The committee would like to thank Simon, Antonio (Bay flooring) and Michael for all their assistance in dealing with the council.

Other club upgrades

Entrance and handrail

Observant members would notice that the we have a new handrail at the entrance to the club and that our main gate has been powder coated – thank you Stuart from Stuart Steel Works for the initiative shown.

Bar spring clean

Vanessa, Jacqui and Leila got “stuck in” and gave Terry’s “home” a significant spring clean – thank you ladies!

We would also like to thank Cynthia for the work she does week in, week out, making the club a pleasant place to socialise.

New noticeboard

Simon installed a new notice board at Court 1, Vanessa has some hidden talents – check out the logo she drew!

Roof repairs

Running repairs on the roof above Court 2 were undertaken, we appreciate the fast turnaround from Devon from DHP projects to help over the weekend to protect our playing surfaces.

Membership news

New members

The club has had an influx over 45 new members over the last 6 months, thank you to Nicole for onboarding and getting them enrolled on the fingerprint system. If you see a new face at the club, please introduce yourself and make our new members feel welcome.

Squash youth development

Teresa has been working hard to develop our youth in conjunction with WP Squash. A number of clinics have happened over the last few months, please get in contact if you would like to more details on how you can participate. Thank you to the volunteers who helped Teresa.

Fees updates for 2019

The club year starts in July, so we will be sending out subs invoices soon. The following changes have been agreed by committee:

  • Waived the joining fee as we no longer issue cards or tokens
  • Kept increases to below inflation
  • Reduced membership fees for scholars and over 60s

We have also received feedback from a number of members regarding solo training sessions and having to pay visitors fees. From July onwards we will be allowing paid members to have one free visitor session a week. More details will be shared in due course.


Special thank you again to all our sponsors and contributors to the club. Our mission at the committee is to leave the club in a better position than how we found it. If you can contribute in any way, please get in touch with Michelle or anyone from the committee.

We would also like to extend special thanks to Gareth Donaldson, Antonio Bruni (Bay flooring), Christo Odendaal (cotrading) and Deon Hug for helping the club in the last few months. We have a number of internal initiatives we are looking for support on, including:

  • Repairing kitchen counters
  • Internal bar upgrades
  • Improved seating area by main window (furniture etc)

Final thoughts

Summer bodies are made in winter! Please encourage all your friends to join the club – Squash can be played year round and is considered one of the best sports – share this story with your friends.