The committee agreed earlier this month to proceed with the upgrade of PC and booking system for the club. Access to club is now controlled via fingerprint readers.

What has changed:

  • A new PC has been installed (the old one kept freezing)
  • SquashCon software is being reinstalled (this is the same booking system, so no changes to how you book courts at club)
  • There is a new online booking solution ( ) that is used by a number of other squash clubs. You will need to register.

How will it impact current members:

  • You will need to enroll your fingerprint at the club with a committee member, as your cards will no longer work. 
  • The online booking mechanism will change to or– so you will need to register on their site 

 The gobook app can also be installed on your smartphone via the following links

Detailed instructions for online booking can be found here.