In this post we share updates on court repairs and lights booking system:

Court Repairs

 As we all know court 3 is out of action following the devastating storm in June 2017. Michael Lategan is in constant contact with the council through Felicity Purchase and will share feedback when he has any updates.

First some good news. Basic refurbishments to court 6 were completed today (8th November 2018), The outer edges of the court have been repaired, court sanded and repainted. While not a competition court, it is a massive improvement and the likes of Deon Hug (who loves this court will hopefully be happy to see it being improved)

Court 6

This was completed today by Bay Flooring with the support of Antonio Bruno pictured above  (who himself is an avid squash player). If you have any wood flooring needs, please consider using them in the future. 

Now the not so good news, the supporting joists in Court 3 are completely rotten, there is a large amount of groundwater under the courts. The back of the court 3 is unsupported and the supporting beams are completely rotten (Please don’t go onto Court 3).

Edgar Klien (now retired) of EB Klein Builders, an experienced insurance building repairer offered advice on the state of the underground water (Chris Gloss has also had experts around to review). In summary:

  • The area behind the courts is marshy with significant groundwater
  • Water running off the roof (via drainpipe) has no runaway
  • The lower vents in wall allow water to run under courts

Edgar recommended that a French style drainage system is installed with a submersible pump to remove the water. This will ensure that the repairs we make (on the courts) will last.

So in summary: 

  • Repairs to Court 3 cannot be done superficially
  • There is a groundwater and drainage problem that need to be repaired and if not repaired will start affecting courts 2,4,5,6
  • We will need the council to help with the core maintenance issue – but we will also be pragmatic

Lights Booking & Access control

The court lights system has been giving us a number of issues over the last couple of months. The issues to date have broadly related to:

  1. Internet connectivity issues (specifically for online booking)
  2. PC Freezing, this is due to the PC being old and running old software
  3. The application database being corrupted on the “Court Manager” system

The committee has received an approved a quote to:

    • Upgrade the PC hardware and software (to latest versions for better stability)
    • Install a fingerprint (biometric) access control for entrance gate and lights booking system – this will replace the need for a card or dongle
    • Have a fresh installation of the “Court Manager” system and have key personnel trained on how to use it effectively, this will help in membership management
    • Utilize a 3rd party online court booking system (gobook) which is being used at a number of squash clubs (Durbanville, Welgemoed, Bryanston, Irene) – no additional fees will be passed on to our members

We expect this system to be installed before the end of the year, and will communicate more details in due course.

Have ideas or feedback?

Have any suggestions, ideas? Please contact the committee.